composite wood fence calculations in excel

Put the fence length and the space between posts in the first section of the fence calculator and it will return both the number of posts you should buy and the number of sections defined by the number of posts which is a value we will need later on. Put in the height of the fence in order to see the length of the posts you need to buy. That ... 【Get Price】

To estimate the amount of fence posts rails pickets and hardware you need enter your fence length number of rails and picket dimensions. You’ll also get a cost estimate for pressure treated wood cedar and redwood. See below for information on various types of fences to help you and to learn how to calculate wood fence materials. 【Get Price】

Typical wood fences last up to 20 years but the type of wood you purchase can change that lifespan instantly. Below are the most common types of wood used for fences: 1. Pine: This type of wood is easy to work with and costs less than many other woods. 2. Cedar: Very popular cedar fences are durable and come in various styles. 3. 【Get Price】