engineered resistance moisture floor joists

Engineered wood products are manufactured with very low moisture content and intended for dry use applications. Because of this questions and concerns occasionally arise when those products are exposed to flood conditions. Fortunately engineered wood products are relatively durable when temporarily exposed to moisture. 【Get Price】

Engineered I-joists provide the most efficient use of material since the web is commonly comprised of an oriented strand board (OSB) or a plywood. These are also very good over longer spans and since they have a low moisture content after production they shrink very little and result in few loose fasteners and subsequent floor squeaking. 【Get Price】

Invented in 1969 the I-joist is an engineered wood product that has great strength in relation to its size and weight. The biggest notable difference from dimensional lumber is that the I-joist carries heavy loads with less lumber than a dimensional solid wood joist. As of 2005 approximately 50% of all wood light framed floors used I-joists. 【Get Price】

Installations using engineered lumber have increased over the last 10 years due to education of the materials and their advantages. Ten years ago fewer than 30 percent of the floors used engineered lumber and in 2004 almost 50 percent of new homes have I-joists installed. RELATED: More information about wood framing. Engineered wood market ... 【Get Price】

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