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The cost to install a brand-new vinyl fence can vary depending on several factors but on average a basic installation costs approximately $24 to $36 per linear foot. If you want something with a decorative fence or special details it can cost around $50 per linear foot. 【Get Price】

Most fencing professionals will charge per linear foot that also includes both their labour and materials. The range for a new fence can fall anywhere between $1900 to $5000. On average most homeowners will spend about $3000 for their fence depending on the type and materials used. 【Get Price】

Wood Grain Vinyl Fence Price. Wood grain vinyl fencing costs $40 per linear foot installed. A wood-look vinyl fence cost will about double the cost of a standard white fence at $111 to $235 per panel which is an 8-foot section. Many manufacturers charge more for a fence that has the appearance of wood grain either as a surface texture or with ... 【Get Price】

When determining the cost to install a vinyl fence the first thing to consider is the price of materials. The cost of supplies usually falls between $20 per linear foot for a picket fence to $40 per linear foot for a privacy fence. Labor may cost an additional $35-$50 per hour. 【Get Price】