replacing teak decks on grand banks

Removing the teak deck from a GB lowers its resale value unless you find a buyer who REALLY hates teak decks. Most GB buyers and owners feel the teak deck is a big part of the boat's character. I have seen GBs with fiberglass replacement decks not sell until the buyer dropped the price by the cost of replacing the teak deck. 【Get Price】

We will be outlining the steps of teak deck removal on a Grand Banks 32. This is a current job in our service yard and many people would like to know more about the steps involved. Since we are doing this job as part of a larger project the actual painting of the decks will probably occur later after some of the 0ther work is done. 【Get Price】

Replacing Teak Deck. For Grand Banks Alaskans East Bay & Aleutian Yachts ... Before I bought our 1987 42 Classic I looked at boats with project teak decks and ... 【Get Price】

Before the company ceased production of the line in 2006 Grand Banks had delivered more than 1500 of these hulls worldwide. With many of the Hong Kong–built woodies (built between 1958 and 1973) still cruising today and impeccably maintained it’s not hyperbole to say that the future of coastal power cruising changed forever with the introduction of this classic. 【Get Price】

Invest in your Grand Banks with quality repairs to your teak decks Teak decks can last a lot longer than people think if they are properly maintained. Our recommendation is that teak decks only be removed when the owners don’t like them or repair has become so expensive that replacement is required. 【Get Price】

My wife and I have a 36 1988 Grand Banks.The teak decks are starting to cause some trouble so we are considering your product as a replacement. Will you product go over the old teak? It was re-fastened five years and is laying flat. Do you have a installer or dealer in San Diego Ca. 【Get Price】

Some people love teak decks some people hate them. We are firmly in the first group. To me real seaworthy boats have teak decks. But I understand why others faced with a significant cost of repair choose to pull the decks off and go with non-skid fiberglass. Lower cost and lower maintenance in the years to come. 【Get Price】