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Our PVC Cladding products have a waterproof and weather resistant skin therefore moisture cannot penetrate the core of the board. As long as the PVC cladding has been installed water-tight it will provide a waterproof protective layer on your home/building. 【Get Price】

12. PVC Cladding. Since it is a waterproof material cladding is an excellent option for a bathroom ceiling. This material made of PVC panels is durable easy-to-install and doesn’t require too much maintenance. Plus it will prevent mold development although the level of moisture in your toilet is high. 13. Timber cladding 【Get Price】

Plastic siding and brick are two of the most commonly used exterior cladding materials. Modern-day construction materials offer several different exterior cladding options. Below we will look at the pros cons and prices of different exterior cladding options with an emphasis on the embodied energy for each type of material. 【Get Price】

Offering a clean and modern finish white cladding makes a great choice for many applications around your home not just in the bathroom. Buyers guide Choosing the correct thickness of cladding. PVC White PVC cladding panels come in a variety of thicknesses. The most popular white cladding panels are 5mm and 8mm in depth some are even in 10mm. 【Get Price】

Choosing the best cladding system depends on several main factors:. regulations and permissions in your area of residence; local climate; personal preferences; budget; In general however best cladding means ensuring best long-term control over the impact of weather and environment elements upon the exterior of your residence while also providing a pleasing aesthetic appeal of the property. 【Get Price】