what type of wood is used for patio furniture in indonesia

This wood is often called as Kalimantan wood as well because it comes from Kalimantan province actually it could grow in every region in Indonesia but it grows well in Kalimantan the most. Meranti is mostly used to make sills furniture and panels. The wood stalk can grow up to 70 meters and its diameter can reach until 4 meters or more. 【Get Price】

Acacia wood comes from the Acacia tree of which there are more than a thousand worldwide. The type of Acacia used for furniture in Indonesia is Acacia Mangium. The wood is hard and strong by itself but tends to bend a lot in the drying process. The grain is slightly similar to teak but the color is different. 【Get Price】

It can also mean creating covers for the furniture when it’s not in use particularly in wet climates. Bottom line the better protected your furniture is from the elements the longer it will last and the more you can enjoy your outdoor space. Summary. Wood furniture is a stunning addition to any outdoor space. 【Get Price】

A “Good – Better – Best” Comparison of Patio Furniture Wood Types Good: Cedar. Best For: Budget-conscious Buyers. Cedar is a plentiful lightweight wood that if left untreated will age to a gray finish. It is often used for patio furniture because it is rot termite and beetle resistant. 【Get Price】