how high off the floor should a window be

The truth is that there is no normal height of a window from the floor. Window height varies by location style and period. Window placement is greatly varied as exemplified by the narrow windows placed real high in 1950s tract housing and the low and tall openings located almost on the the floor in suburban mansions of recent years. 【Get Price】

Any windows in a door must have tempered glass no matter the height unless it is too small for a 3-inch ball to pass through the window. If you are installing windows within 2 feet of a door and lower than 5 feet from the ground you need tempered glass in the windows even though these might be higher than 18 inches from the ground. 【Get Price】

Typically this is about six foot – eight inches off the floor with an eight foot high ceiling or 8 feet off the floor if the ceiling is nine or ten feet tall. The sill or bottom height of the window can vary within a room and still look visually correct but the head heights have to be the same especially as windows turn a corner. 【Get Price】

For windows on those walls you will need shades or curtains or to set the sill more than 4 feet off the floor to reduce glare. Similarly if you know in which direction the prevailing wind blows you can increase the amount of operable glass in that area allowing for more passive ventilation and cutting down on air-conditioning bills. 【Get Price】

Traditionally windows were placed to match the height of the door frames -- 6 feet 8 inches. Whatever space was available below that and above the counter was used as the window area. If you are lucky enough to have the space and a beautiful view opt for floor-to-ceiling windows to bring the most light into your room. 【Get Price】

Re: window height from floor According to code any room shall provide 10% natural daylight or larger. Should there be more than one window or combination of patio door etc the size of the window is determined. Exception will be in bedrooms that require an egress window. This is where you arrive at the distance to the bottom of window. 【Get Price】

If the window is on the first floor the recommendation is that the height of the window and the height of the door are the same. This creates a pleasing visual experience. If the windows are on an upper level it’s recommended that you have 24” from the floor to the bottom of the window. 【Get Price】