sunny balcony planter boxes

There are many window boxes or troughs sold in garden centers than can be easily mounted or hung on a balcony or window ledge. These days they tend to be plastic. For a house a wooden window box can easily be custom-built to fit the length and width of a windowsill so wood remains the medium of choice. 【Get Price】

For sunny spots and high heat it’s tough to beat the flower show that summer snapdragon stages. Also known as Angelonia this annual unfurls flower spikes in shades of purple pink white and bicolor blends. Blooms beckon butterflies all summer long and make perfect additions to garden-fresh bouquets (the flowers last and last). 【Get Price】

Petunias and geraniums are no-fail choices for hot sunny spots -- so fill your window boxes with their colorful blooms and know you can enjoy their display of nonstop flowers all summer long. Tip: Pay attention to the variety; many newer petunias and geraniums bloom more and with less care than older selections. A. Ivy (Hedera helix 'Eva') -- 2 【Get Price】

Tomatoes are a versatile crop that can be grown in lots of containers including hanging baskets troughs and window boxes though a warm sunny balcony is best. Other balcony crops to grow include lettuce spring onions and runner beans. Get started with these space-saving veg crops to grow. 【Get Price】

Grow plants like coleus if your balcony is not sunny. Also check out our list of shade-tolerant succulents to learn about more plant choices. Also Read: How to Choose Railings for a Balcony. 9. Grow Herbs in Hanging Planters 【Get Price】