how high should a shooting bench be

Solid Base. It should go without saying that to perform from the bench the bench itself must be steady and sturdy. It doesn't matter who you are you're not going to shoot tight groups from a platform that isn't rock solid: this is the reason we're shooting from the bench in the first place. 【Get Price】

I am re-building my shooting bench the question is what height should it be . All of the rifle ranges you Seven Trust and gals have gone to what do you think is the average height of the bench. I think 36 inches would be average . 【Get Price】

When shooting a high caliber firearm the recoil is one of the most unpleasant things. A good shooting rest typically comes with backrest for a rifle built-in. Not only that they support the rifle but they also reduce the recoil. You should choose a shooting bench that provides recoil reduction especially when using a rifle. Durability 【Get Price】

your shooting bench. (1) 6x6x8’ (6) 2x6x8’ (4) 5/4 x 6x8’ decking boards 2 pounds 3” deck screws. Torx (star) or square head are recommended. 1 Pound 2” deck screws. Torx (star) or square head are recommended. This bench can be built by one person but a second set of hands makes it much easier. 【Get Price】

Shooting bench height. Discussion in 'Main Message Board' started by radshooter Jun 16 2011. radshooter. Joined: Mar 24 2010 Messages: 63. I will be putting a ... 【Get Price】

Then select a bench height based on a 32" high bench for a 16" seat 34" height for a 17" seat or a 36" bench for an 18" seat. Of course this is just a suggestion to get you started - as Ray N. 【Get Price】