paint oak paneled wall

One current trend that has everyone whipping out their paintbrushes is painted wood paneling. I know. I get it. Most times you’re right. That glossy polyurethaned heavily-grained medium-colored oak paneling that went into houses some 15-25 years ago everywhere has us all ready for a change. 【Get Price】

A deep slate gray paint is strategically placed on paneling which acts as a nice border around the brighter painted portions of the wall. It takes the emphasis off the ridges while also creating ... 【Get Price】

When you're ready to start painting make sure that your paneling is made of solid wood. Some paneling actually consists of a vinyl print that simulates the look of wood. To check sand a small area on the wall. Vinyl coatings come off quickly revealing the pressboard underneath. If your walls have a vinyl or thin veneer finish you'll need to ... 【Get Price】

STEP 1: Clean the wall paneling with diluted TSP. Any dust dirt or oily fingerprints can prevent the paint from sticking well to the wood paneling so start by thoroughly washing the wood ... 【Get Price】

The oak paneling here is probably 80s or 90s and therefore oak faced plywood. What does that mean? If you paint it you will never be able to bring it back to its original wood glory so think long and hard before you pick up that brush. 【Get Price】