can i pyt ammonia on composite decking

Static electricity can build up on occupants walking across any composite decking surface including Trex then produce a small static shock if they touch a grounded metal surface such as railing door etc. This condition can be decreased greatly with the use of a product call ACL Staticide®. 【Get Price】

Power washing your deck can be a big mistake and is not usually recommended for cleaning composite decks. Power washing incorrectly such as too close or with too much pressure can ruin your deck scratching it and opening the material up to a host of other issues such as splintering mold and a variety of other problems. 【Get Price】

Yes an outdoor rug can be put on composite decking. Outdoor rugs add so much aesthetic value to a deck space. Be mindful of the materials your rug is made from before making your choice and enjoy all that a decked out composite deck can offer you and your home. 【Get Price】

While mildew and mold can infiltrate and ruin a wooden deck it can’t damage a composite deck. They look unsightly on your deck but it won’t harm or ruin the composite structure. The best way to clean mildew and mold from composite decking is by using the soap-and-water method mentioned in the previous chapter. 【Get Price】