cost of teak wood per sq feet

In the business of Wood Rate will be for one CFT ( One Cubic Foot ). Burma Teak wood is cheaper than Indian Teak Wood . Rate of Indian Teak Wood for door frames and in any size less than 150mm wide is Rs 1250/= to 1550/ one Cubic Foot ( Rate wi... 【Get Price】

Teak Flooring costs Zip Code Sq. ft. Basic Better Best; Teak Flooring – Material Prices: $390.00 – $420.00: $480.00 – $515.00: $585.00 – $675.00 【Get Price】

Average Minimum Cost of Teak Decking: $7 per board foot; Average Maximum Cost of Teak Decking: $41 per board foot; Advantages of Teak Decking. The reason that teak wood is among the most popular materials for decks has a lot to do with its unique ability to thrive in outdoor conditions. 【Get Price】

Add up your total Board Feet and check this price list for your discount: Teak Pricing: (cut to order or random widths and lengths) $18.95/ bf- mixed color Panama or Costa Rican teak (only small pieces avaiable) $20.00 - 23.95/ bf -natural run-of-the-mill Trinidad teak . $20.95 - 24.95 / bf - New Supply of ungraded Trinidad teak heartwood 【Get Price】