business advantages of wooden deck pallets

#7 – Solid Deck Pallets. A solid deck pallet has a single continuous sheet usually made of wood metal or plastic with no spacing in between. These are easy to clean and transport and are useful in moving smaller items. Finding the Right Pallet for Your Business. Pallets are important warehousing and transporting equipment. 【Get Price】

Hardwood pallets may cost more than other wood pallet varieties but they can be resold or even sold back to the manufacturer for replacement parts or resale. Some hardwood manufacturers will reduce the price of the pallet if the business agrees to return those that are used. 【Get Price】

They’re designed for most 48” x 45” applications feature a one-inch lip to prevent product from slipping off the pallet and are available with non-skid decks. For more information on the advantages of plastic pallets and how you can put them to work at your business contact a Flexcon sales representative today. 【Get Price】

Advantages of solid deck plastic pallets include: Non-porous corrosion-resistant construction: Solid top plastic pallets consist of non-porous surfaces that do not trap moisture or contaminants making them easy to clean and suitable for hygienic applications. 【Get Price】

These pallets which can be made of wood plastic or metal can even be used as a unit of measure with products made available for order by the pallet and each pallet containing a set number of units. For buyers sellers and shippers there are several key advantages to using pallets for shipments. 【Get Price】

Wood pallets have a limited lifespan. Wood pallets are designed for a limited lifecycle and are meant to be disposable after a certain amount of trips. This means businesses using wood pallets must constantly replace their pallet inventory. That can add up fast in a high-volume pallet-dependent company. 【Get Price】