lightweight balcony surface decoration material

Durable Balcony Flooring . There are special considerations to keep in mind when selecting a balcony flooring. First balcony flooring must be durable enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. During the summer the sun’s hot UV rays are beating down on your balcony floor all day. 【Get Price】

Failure to consider how a deck or balcony will accommodate drainage of water both at its wearing surface and the waterproofing membrane level is a design and construction consideration that must be given more thought by both the designer and the contractor/builder. 【Get Price】

This design of the balcony is a rare solution. Unlike the loggia not only the facade is opened here but also the side walls. The whole space is under the influence of rain and snow. Therefore when decorating an open balcony it is recommended to use only materials that are not afraid of moisture. 【Get Price】

Balcony / Deck Failure - The Law Offices of Mitchell S. Ostwald Wood framed deck with elastomeric type coatings. Lightweight concrete decks. ... Adequate slope of the balcony surface is needed to let water drain off fast. 【Get Price】