lava hound balloon deck 2020

Supporting cards in the lava hound deck. The most used card in a lava hound deck is the balloon. Deployed behind the lava hound the balloon is difficult to reach except with a spell like a rocket. And when the lava explodes the balloon will serve as a tank for the lava pups. It’s a very difficult offensive combo to stop! 【Get Price】

Lava Hound Balloon (Lavaloon) in one of the best decks in Clash Royale! The Lava Hound is one of the best Legendary cards in Clash Royale and has seen a lot of use in Clash Royale Top Ladder and ... 【Get Price】

Lava Hound Balloon (Lavaloon) Clash Royale deck is one of the best in Clash Royale. Lava Hound Ballon decks have dominated Clash Royale in Ladder and competitive Clash Royale (CRL). 【Get Price】

Three victories from: david deck: Goblin Giant Zap Minions Sparky Mini P.E.K.K.A Rage Musketeer Heal Spirit ht... 【Get Price】

Top 13 Clash Royale Best Lava Hound Deck 2020 Arena 9+ No. 1 Balloon Best Lava Hound Deck 2020 No. 2 Baby Dragon Miner Best Lava Hound Deck 2020 No. 3 Night 【Get Price】

Balloon Lava Hound and Miner are your win conditions. Arrows is your spell so no matter what use it wisely. This deck has 12 elixir 4-card cycle with Arrows Minions Firecracker and Skeleton Army. 【Get Price】

Supporting cards in the balloon deck. In all balloon decks there is a tank to protect the balloon from the opponent’s buildings. In a fast cycle deck you can choose an ice golem for only 2 elixirs. In a beatdown composition combine the balloon with the lava hound or the giant in double elixir to build pushes that are difficult to stop. 【Get Price】