bristol hull to deck joint

The deck creates a simple vertical lap joint that fits over the hull much like a shoe box lid. Then they squirt some caulking up in the gap and then just run screws through the two parts as shown in the illustration below. 【Get Price】

I have a 1968 Sailstar Conquest 20 AKA Bristol Corinthian 20 that we are currently bringing back to life. The hull to deck joint is mechanically fastened with stainless steel staples. I've posted here in the past about removing the deck to recore from the bottom and some have advised against that due to "hull flex". 【Get Price】

I just bought a Bristol Corinthian(19') . I knew going in that Bristols were prone to Hull/deck Joint leaks. So How is the hull joined to the deck? and... 【Get Price】

However a hull-deck joint is formed what’s most important is how the two surfaces are joined together. Most high-quality joints these days are bedded with a tenacious adhesive sealant (3M’s 5200 compound is often used for example) and are through-bolted at regular short intervals (1/4-inch bolts on 6- or 8-inch centers are highly ... 【Get Price】

The hull/deck joint can be a weak point in fiberglass hulls. Mechanical fastening alone is often not adequate …Fiberglass bonding across the inside of this joint can be used to bring it up to the same strength as the adjoining hull and deck surfaces….Obviously the hull-to-deck joint is critical. if it fails not only will a lot of ocean be ... 【Get Price】

By far the most prevalent type of hull-to-deck joint today is based on an inboard flange on the hull. This is at first a little surprising as adding an inward-turning feature to the hull necessitates a split mold and some challenging laminating but beyond the tooling and layup issues the inboard flange has some distinct advantages. 【Get Price】

Photo of Alberg 30 hull-to-deck joint. This where the manufacture fastened the deck and hull together. These boats were made in two separate pieces and then jointed together. This joint is crucial to the overall structural integrity of the boat and ultimately to her seaworthiness. 【Get Price】