composite decking electric shock

When Calhoun and an assistant arrived at her 1940s house they checked the most likely culprit: an outdoor electrical outlet near the deck. “I sat on the deck stuck my tester in the plug placed one tester lead on the metal cover and touched the other with my finger” he says. “I’ve done that for 35 years and never got a shock. 【Get Price】

Composite type decking been fitted at customers. Fitted stainless steel light posts and deckers fitted stainless steel posts ready for glass inserts as a boundary.On top of deck is a hot tub. Job is only installed all fittings ready to test and connect on Monday so no supply as yet. But today got complaints of electric shocks off lights and posts. 【Get Price】

The deck is elevated at some points over 7 feet off the ground. Even during installation the installers were getting static electricity discharges. After the deck was completed the static became even worse and we were able to throw a spark almost 1 1/2" just walking across the deck. The deck is around 1400 square feet. 【Get Price】

Re: Static Shock On Composite Deck With Steel Rail I noticed the same thing on a recent school ramp job Guardeck decking with Fortress railing. I noticed a small static shock after walking on the decking then touching the rail did not happen every time. 【Get Price】