fish house wall panels

Contact us at Milaca Unclaimed Freight for any of your questions in regards to Ice Castle Fish Houses. We can walk you though all of the add-on’s and features to make your fish house just like home. 【Get Price】

So I have to replace 2 areas in a fish house that I just purchased because it looks like it has a little water damage. However the paneling in there is on the cheap side. It’s probably 1/8 thick. I can get a sheet of paneling to match the existing for $25 per sheet. However I think I might need 2. 【Get Price】

The house still will sweat and condense but no more warped paneling every year. Go under the icefishing forum understanding posting pictures link and look at the picture I took of Marine_Man behind him is the paneling that is in ours house. I would think that you can find something like this at Menards. -----Grip it and Rip it. IFFWalleyes I ... 【Get Price】

My house has got 2x2 studs pole barn steel siding layed horizontally pink rigid insulation in the stud cavities and paneling on the inside and it is as solid as a rock! By the sound of it you might be describing a sandwich panel type of construction where you have no studs. 【Get Price】