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Flexiteek was designed as an alternative to real teak for boat decks however it’s proved to be much more than that. Flexiteek is hard wearing easy to clean with low maintenance and it can even be sealed just like a wooden floor. We’ve done terraces spas offices pools cars lifts bathrooms patios walls! restaurants jacuzzis… 【Get Price】

Faux Teak And Holly Vinyl Floor In Australia? and other sailing discussion in the Seabreeze general forums page 1 ... Grey marine carpet just isn't doing it for me. 【Get Price】

Teak with Beech Holly strips in-between has become a favourite in the marine industry providing a medium darkness timber with the lightness of the white strip. NautikFlor beautifully replicates this standard or allows you to select a black filler strip to darken the look of the floor an make it stand out less. 【Get Price】

Teak & Holly Interior Marine Flooring – CFlor So durable that it’s been used on US Navy vessels and countless luxurious cruise lines These interiors are the most durable and convincing materials in the market and used by many manufacturers like Ocean Yachts Sea Ray Donzi Hatteras Chaparral and Viking to name a few. 【Get Price】