osha handrail weight per foot

29 CFR 1910.23(e)(1) – A standard railing shall consist of a top rail intermediate rail and posts and shall have a vertical height of 42 inches nominal from upper surface of top rail to floor platform runway or ramp level. The intermediate railing shall be approximately halfway between the top rail and the floor platform runway or ramp. 【Get Price】

Physical Length: 13’6” // Industry Build Per panel: 12’6” // Approx. Weight per Panel: ~142 pounds. I Beam Post Versatile galvanized SOLID 6 inch I-beam posts are the backbone of highway guardrail barriers used across the nation and the globe. 【Get Price】

For the reasons above IBC requires that handrail guardrail and their supports must be designed for 50 pounds per lineal foot applied in any direction at the top of the top rail and a concentrated load of 200 pounds applied in any direction at any location along the top of the top rail. 【Get Price】

OSHA 1910.29(b) contains system requirements that employers must follow to ensure guardrail systems will protect workers from falling to lower levels: 1910.29(b)(1) The top edge height of top rails or equivalent guardrail system members are 42 inches (107 cm) plus or minus 3 inches (8 cm) above the walking working surface. 【Get Price】

Handrails and the top rails of stair rail systems are capable of withstanding without failure a force of at least 200 pounds (890 N) applied in any downward or outward direction within 2 inches (5 cm) of any point along the top edge of the rail. Figure D-12 -- Handrail Measurement. Figure D-13 - Combination Handrail and Stair Rail 【Get Price】

The rail system that you have described meets the criteria under §1910.23(e)(3)(v)(a) and §1910.23(e)(3)(v)(b). The top rail is smooth surfaced and is 42-inches nominal height and the railing system has the strength to withstand at least 200 pounds of applied top rail pressure. 【Get Price】

The handrail system meets OSHA strength requirements with a 2:1 factor of safety with a 5-foot (1524mm) maximum post spacing. The handrail system can be made to comply with ADA standards upon request. Internally bonded fiberglass connectors result in no visible rivets or metal parts. Rail and posts are 1.90’’ (48.3mm) O.D. x 1.51’’ 【Get Price】