alternatives to solid decks

A binding product was applied to the gravel to create a solid surface like concrete but it still allows water to flow through. It’s an environmentally-friendly and extremely budget-friendly alternative to concrete or pavers. 【Get Price】

These artificial deck tiles come with 9 pieces of 1*1 inch interlocking grass deck tiles with a height of 1.5 inch pile. The grass is top quality very durable with low maintenance. There’s no need for fertilizers pesticides or mowing. The grass deck tiles are thus able to provide beauty to your patio rooftop yard or deck. 【Get Price】

Several solid materials are available to finish off your deck and keep out animals. One option is to order composite trim or skirt boards that match your decking. Using the same clapboard siding that is on your house to close off the underside of a deck is also an option. 【Get Price】

Power washing a deck is a quick and efficient way to get it ready for painting or staining but it isn't a necessary prerequisite. In fact in some situations it isn't even a good idea because ... 【Get Price】

Get to know the options for this structural insurance policy meant to tie the deck to the house without relying on the ledger. Options for Fastening Deck Guardrails See all the fastening options for rock-solid deck railings: inside the rim outside the rim and surface mounted. 【Get Price】