can a german shepherd jump a 5foot fence

A full-grown and well-exercised German Shepherd can easily jump four feet without any run-up. Imagine how high they can jump if they get even ten to fifteen feet run-up. Typically you should have a fence that is about seven feet high. 【Get Price】

If there’s ever a bad guy jumping a fence a German Shepherd can chase after them with ease. German Shepherds can jump as far as ten feet! German Shepherds are big dogs with a bunch of energy. Coupled with their athleticism it’s natural for them to want to jump whether around in the air or on things. While a GSD can jump up pretty high in ... 【Get Price】

Most dogs cant jump it including shephards but some can quite easily. I have seen a jack russel jump an 8 foot fence before! I have a mastiff x and my fences are only 4 foot and he has never jumped out. If you need to heighten the fence i know that hardware/fencing stores sell specific fencing to attach to the top of your fences. 【Get Price】

How High Can A German Shepherd Jump? German Shepherd is designed to be a working and sports Dog. He is a natural Athletic and it can jump Up to 4 to 6 feet high. If a German Shepherd is Extremely good then it can Reach also 10 feet of height. A 6 to 7 feet fence Should be enough to keep a Normal German Shepherd inside the Fences. 【Get Price】

The Answer – The average German Shepherd can jump between 4ft-6ft high (1.2m-1.8m) however some have been know to jump up to 10ft (3m) in the air. Traditionally being a working breed German Shepherd’s have incredibly powerful hind legs allowing them to spring into the air. 【Get Price】

Can all German Shepherds Jump Six Feet High? Most German Shepherds can jump six feet high. It is not uncommon for German Shepherds who have been family dogs never been trained professionally to be naturally agile and athletic: In this dog training video by Neuman K-9 Academy Inc a German Shepherd scales a six-foot fence easily. 【Get Price】

We have a schnoodle. She can jump pretty high but I think 4 foot would contain her. My bigger question is about asthetics of 4 foot vs 5 foot fences. My dad thinks the 4 ft fences look more attractive and less spindly. The problem is that this will be on the back side of our home. The side of which is facing a street. 【Get Price】