can pvc wall panels be used in a hallway measuring

Measure the distance between your last full panel and your right side corner panel if you need to cut one to size to finish the wall. Make marks on the back of your panel with a pencil and cut it to size using your jigsaw. Cut any outlet holes required for this partial panel as well. Remember to leave 1/16-inches between your partial panel and ... 【Get Price】

Step 17:When your panels are in place measure the length of the 5mm area you left for your trim at the end of your wall. Step 18: Transfer this measurement onto your internal or ending trim. Step 19: Cut your internal trim or End cap to the measured size and secure with screws like the process in Step 3. 【Get Price】

PVC Panels can be nailed or screwed to the battens using stainless steel or BZP screws or pins or glued using a contact adhesive such as PinkGrip. If using nails or screws the fixings will be hidden by the overlap of each panel. Panels can also be stapled into place using non- corrosive staples that are at least 14mm in length. 【Get Price】

It can be used to conceal uneven or unattractive surfaces and provides a durable wall covering in high-traffic areas such as hallways and staircases. Panelling can also incorporate a useful shelf or handrail and is a more attractive way of boxing in services such as plumbing and electrics. 【Get Price】