bamboo fiber composite strength to weight

Generally high fiber content results in good composite performance but at a certain limit the matrix does not adhere well with a saturated amount of fibers and the composite tensile strength ... 【Get Price】

BAMBOO FIBER REINFORCED POLYMER COMPOSITES (BFRP) The high strength to weight ratio of bamboo has attracted researchers’ attention to maximize its potential in composites. BFRP is an eco-composite that is lightweight environmental friendly and has comparable strength to conventional materials (Abdul Khalil et al. 2012). 【Get Price】

Hybrid composites with 40wt% of sisal and coir fiber were found to possess higher tensile strength of 48.2MPa and flexural strength of 76.68 MPa among the fabricated hybrid composite specimens. 【Get Price】

The company have created bamboo fiber composite material. The compressive strength of this material is only half of the steel while the elastic is basically the same with steel but the weight is only 1/6 of the steel. It is a new high-end environmental protection material with wide application potential and will gradually replace the wood and glass fiber materials become the mainstream ... 【Get Price】

Bamboo fiber reinforced maleated PP composites having bamboo fibers of different sizes (< 500 μm 500–850 μm 850 μm to 1 mm and %lt; 2 mm) show different mechanical properties. 10 The tensile strength and modulus of bamboo reinforced MAPP increase with increasing content up to 65 wt% (Fig. 6.3ab). 【Get Price】