wood fence for vegetable garden

This black fence adds a touch of modern flair to an otherwise classic vegetable garden on a Florida horse farm.The fence and a layer of chicken wire keeps out the farm’s many many animals—95 and counting! 【Get Price】

Wooden Garden Fence. Wood is the most common and standard material for garden fences. From basic paneled design to the more ornamental style wooden garden fences may either be constructed as vertical or horizontal panels slats lattice trellis wattled shadowbox Stockade style or picket fencing. 【Get Price】

10 Fence Ideas for a Vegetable Garden A vegetable garden isn’t just about the vegetables you grow within it it’s also about how it looks and how well it integrates into the rest of your garden. The addition of a vegetable garden fence around the perimiter of the garden can make all the difference between a well integrated and a poorly ... 【Get Price】

The simplest recommendation for deer is an 8-foot high wire-mesh garden border fence. Wood or stone is also an option; the more solid the fence the less likely deer will be to jump over it. A more robust option is to build dual vegetable garden fences (deer are confused by multiple obstacles). This option requires building a 3-foot high fence ... 【Get Price】