wpc sound board repairs

A properly booting WPC game will show a "progress bar" on the DMD along with a "ticking" sound which results from a series of reset signals being sent to the sound board. After a successful boot the sound board will create a single "bong" tone. 6.4.1 LEDs on the MPU. Note: WPC and WPC-S games label the MPU and Power/Driver board LEDs as "Dxx". 【Get Price】

Pinball Curcuit Board Hack Repair on WPC Scared Stiff Machine - Duration: 35:17. Pinball Evangelist 136 views. ... Williams Blackout Pinball Sound Board Fix - Duration: 0:58. arcadeuk 4021 views. 【Get Price】

WPC Sound Board A-12738 Repair Posted on May 25 2016 by Matthew Mandarano These little sound boards in WPC era Bally/Williams games can be difficult to track down issues on and there are no inexpensive reproduction replacements so the boards themselves are quite expensive if they need to be replaced. 【Get Price】

Re-seat all the sound board ribbon cables. Surprisingly this fixes a large number of WPC sound problems! Bad rectifier diodes on the sound board. Often these become leaky and can cause intermittent problems before they total short. Speakers blown: yes this happens more often than you might think. 【Get Price】

the C28 capacitor on the sound board. Big spark mini-explosion and small fire!! So..... I put a spare working sound board in after checking around for shorts in the speakers etc. and I had an equally spectacular encore performance of the C28 failure. Not sure what to do now..... any assistance would be much appreciated. Luke 【Get Price】

WPC Sound Board Problems - DC to Speakers 4 March 2009 07:23 PM After months (nearly 2 years) of procrastinating I decided to fix the audio in my Doctor Who. 【Get Price】

I have a WPC sound board that cuts out. It sounds like a likely culprit is the amp LM1875. I'm also reading some people recommending replacing a handful of caps. C46 C47 C20 C23 C15 C36 C38 . Is this like a DMD board where I may as well replace all of these for a reliable board or an only fix what's broken scenario? 【Get Price】