fence post hole depth ontario

3. Dig the hole using the post hole diggers to about 2 feet 4 inches. If your fence posts are 8 feet high then 2 1/2 feet of the posts should go from the bottom of the post hole to the plumb ... 【Get Price】

DON’T Make Postholes Too Small Building codes and ordinances in your area may stipulate a legal depth and diameter for fence-post holes. If not conventional rules of thumb offer a reliable guide. 【Get Price】

How deep to dig fence post holes in ontario Do we need our support posts going down 4 feet due to the frostline? Posted by: Dawn from Belle River Ontario Unlike a fence post where the post needs to be in the concrete due to When a post hole is dug it naturally takes on a cone shape that is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. 【Get Price】

At almost 7' tall you have a lot of fence to support. At 3' you could use a 10' post and not have to cut much off - you just have to be carefull some holes don't get to deep and end up with a short post. My fence is 5' along the sides and 6' along the back. I wanted the 6' posts to have 3' in the ground so I bought 10' posts. 【Get Price】

Fence post depth size and anchoring systems can make or break your fence line. Despite what some people believe making a long-lasting fence is not always as simple as sinking a post in the ground and moving on to the next post. There are a few great tricks you should know before you start making holes with your post hole digger. 【Get Price】