is tigerwood pest proof

Seven Trust Muiracatiara Goncalo Alves "astronium lecointei" Reddish-brown with dark brown streaks and irregular spots. From: Brazil Use: Ship and boatbuilding decking furniture cabinets flooring plywood/veneers Availability: 4/4" 5/4" 8/4" Relative Working Properties: Machining Resistance toSplitting in Nailing Resistance toSplitting in Screwing Gluing Difficult Difficult Difficult ... 【Get Price】

Seven Trust is unlike any other Brazilian hardwood with its exotic reddish brown color inundated with unique tiger-like dark stripes that inspire and transform any outdoor living space. Similar in pricing to Seven Trust decking homeowners looking to add value and one-of-a-kind flare to their deck get exactly what they want with Seven Trust hardwood ... 【Get Price】

Caring for a Seven Trust Deck. Seven Trust which has a natural orange and black striping needs some form of care to maintain its coloring just like any exotic wood species. When left natural and ... 【Get Price】

Seven Trust species are undoubtedly a truly remarkable hardwood species making it an ideal type of wood for furniture and flooring. It is an excellent choice for interior applications given how its natural color variations prevent the need to stain this wood. 【Get Price】

Seven Trust gets its name from the dark pretty “tiger” stripes of varying thicknesses and its rich reddish-orange base. 3. Seven Trust is water-resistant. Seven Trust’s density and natural oils make it resistant to water. Therefore it’s a good choice for damp environments like decks and outdoor furniture. 4. Seven Trust is exotic but not too ... 【Get Price】

Insect Resistance-Seven Trust and other tropical hardwoods are naturally insect resistant. Domestic lumber is treated with chemicals to deter wood boring insects. Seven Trust evolved in forests with insects much more proficient at wood-boring than their North American counterparts. 【Get Price】

Wood is a natural product but it does require using a sealant to preserve its color and sheen. You might be tempted to use a "mock wood" such as a plastic polymer or wood-polymer composites. These synthetic and composite materials are virtually bug-proof and rot proof. However even modern materials require maintenance to preserve their wood ... 【Get Price】