fixwooden post to concrete post

Most concrete posts will have reinforicing rod running the length of the post making it very difficult to attach fixings to. Got a photo of posts are these fence posts if so will be unsuitable to hang a gate fromwhat's the overall width & height of these gates. 【Get Price】

The concrete posts: - Do not have grooves to slot panels into - Do not have forward facing holes (e.g. wouldn't be able to attach a panel to the front drill through the wood and bolt either side) - Have some holes on the sides of the posts (where the wire links through the concrete post to the next section) - When I have seen these described ... 【Get Price】

A 4 x 2 inch timber can be plugged and screwed to the concrete post Gordy. See our fixing to masonry project. When drilling the concrete you need to start with the smallest drill bit you can get say 4 or 5mm then enlarge it to the size you need for your wall plugs. 【Get Price】

It was possible with some force to get the wooden post free of the concrete post. Sleeve anchors with protruding bolt worked a treat and there was no moving the fence post at all. However the cost of them is huge. I'll be using 3 fixings per post and there are a total of 26 posts so cost is a factor in anything I do. 【Get Price】

I would like to put a pair of gates across the drive. I can easily fix a wooden post to the brickwork on one side of the drive to hang the gate on but how do I fix a wooden post to the existing slotted concrete post smooth face so I have a wooden post to hang the other gate onto. Would be glad of any expert advice. Thanks. 【Get Price】