care of mahogany porch flooring

How to Treat Mahogany Decking. Mahogany is prized for use in building outdoor decks because of its tight grain that is free of knots. More importantly mahogany tends not to splinter easily which ... 【Get Price】

2. Sweep your mahogany flooring with a soft-bristled broom or dust mop several times a week. Alternatively you can vacuum your mahogany flooring with a vacuum on a hard floor setting. 【Get Price】

Mahogany wood floors can be swept and vacuumed. When used outdoors mahogany wood flooring should be covered. Too much exposure to sunlight can weaken the finish and dry the wood making it appear dull. A deck made from mahogany might best be converted into a ramada and covered with trees or bushes to protect it from the sun. 【Get Price】

On porch floors over two feet above grade we gap mahogany flooring 1/8″ between boards (vs. 3/16″ on an open deck). If you do use T&G decking under a roof I recommend you slope the floor down and away from the house (1/16″ to 1/8″ per foot) to help drain rain water that blows in. 【Get Price】

Mahogany trees are known to grow very large and have relatively few knots compared to other trees and it has been used to make fine furniture for generations. Today mahogany is a protected wood species and is in danger of extinction. To protect and care for the mahogany items you have follow the following steps. 【Get Price】