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The Guide to Boat Parts and Terminology | Worldwide Boat Scope: The scope is often understood as a formula where it equals the length of an anchor line divided by the depth of water below the ship measured from the deck. While it can be a little complicated to understand it is important that the scope be correct to ensure that a ship is anchored correctly.【Get Price】

Deck (ship) - Wikipedia A deck is a permanent covering over a compartment or a hull of a ship.On a boat or ship the primary or upper deck is the horizontal structure that forms the "roof" of the hull strengthening it and serving as the primary working surface.【Get Price】

Rating system of the Royal Navy - Wikipedia First second and third rates (ships of the line) A first- second-or third-rate ship was regarded as a "ship-of-the-line". The first and second rates were three-deckers; that is they had three continuous decks of guns (on the lower deck middle deck and upper deck) usually as well as smaller weapons on the quarterdeck forecastle and poop.【Get Price】

Deck | Definition of Deck by Merriam-Webster Deck definition is - a platform in a ship serving usually as a structural element and forming the floor for its compartments. How to use deck in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of deck.【Get Price】

Sailing Qualities - 3 deck "Ships of Line" vs large frigates Tank about British ships for the moment (and these tend to have the best records with more published sailing accounts and more published books to refer to). Pre establishment ie pre 1750’s the RN ships of the line were an array of 50 60 and 70 gun ships and they built three decked 80 gun ships as squadron leaders and ships of force.【Get Price】

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Why is margin line 76 cm below deck line X 0. line drawn parallel to and not less than 3 inches below the upper surface of bulkhead deck at the ship side; it defines the highest permissible location on the ship side of any damage waterplane in the final condition of sinkage trim and heel【Get Price】

A History of Naval Deck Logs | National Archives View Navy Deck Logs available online through the National Archives Catalog In Navy parlance any kind of running record is called a "log." Many such logs are kept on board Navy ships but only deck logs of commissioned Navy ships are retained permanently. A commissioned ship is a Navy command in her own right having a distinctive administrative identity and creating records in her own name 【Get Price】

Lines of a Ship – PURGIT Vapor Control and Recovery units The line of the deck at center in the profile is higher than the line of the deck at side owing to the camber or transverse curvature of the deck. In Fig. 4 is illustrated the difference between the deck at the side and the deck at the center owing to camber.【Get Price】

Load Line Regulations - A comprehensive guide - DieselShip (2)Timber load line:- A timber deck cargo may be regarded as giving a ship a certain additional buoyancy and a greater degree of protection against the sea.. For that reason ships carrying a timber deck cargo may be granted a reduction of freeboard calculated according to the provisions of regulation4344 and 45 and marked on the ship side as 【Get Price】

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How to read the Plimsoll line of a ship and what to The circular symbol with a line passing through it in the middle is directly below the deck line. Summer Load Line – this is the line marked “S” and is in line with the center of the disc. It denotes the depth to which the ship can be loaded when it is floating in salt water in the summer zone. Fresh Water Load Line – this is the line 【Get Price】

Learn Ship Design: Plimsoll Lines- A Detailed Synopsis The deck line is placed at exact intersection of the freeboard deck with the outer shell of hull plating. In case you want to mark the deck line which serves as a reference to be place somewhere else you will have to correct the freeboard calculation accordingly.【Get Price】

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Boats for Beginners - Navy Ships Below the main deck there are the first second third decks etc. (remember on a carrier the hangar deck the one below the flight deck is the main deck.). Frame numbers tell you where you are in relation to the bow of the ship; the numbers increase as you go aft.【Get Price】

What Is a Lido Deck on a Cruise Ship? On a cruise ship lido deck you'll find one or more pools -- often surrounded by multiple tiers of outer decks retractable roofs hot tubs a bandstand water slide or splash park jumbo-sized 【Get Price】

Sources Of Ship Plans - United States Navy Government Sources 1) Special Media Archives Services Division Cartographic and Architectural Branch RDSC National Archives and Records Administration 8601 Adelphi Road College Park MD 20740-6001; telephone (301) 837-3200. Their collection includes the general plans and drawing of most ships stricken from the Naval Vessel Register. Requests should be limited to no more than three ships 【Get Price】

Ship of the line - Wikipedia In a few ships the design was altered long after the ship was launched and in service. In the Royal Navy smaller two-deck 74- or 64-gun ships of the line that could not be used safely in fleet actions had their upper decks removed (or razeed) resulting in a very stout single-gun-deck warship called a razee. The resulting razeed ship could be 【Get Price】

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Ship of the line | naval vessel | Britannica A ship of the line’s armament was arranged along three decks: the bottom-deck battery might consist of 30 cannons firing balls of 32 to 48 pounds; the middle-deck battery had as many guns firing balls of about 24 pounds; and the upper battery carried 30 or more 12-pounders.【Get Price】