swimming pool floor drain

Pool Troubleshooting: Bottom Drain Clogged. A clogged drain can make it impossible to keep the water in your pool clean and properly balanced. If it isn't cleared you can waste time and money ... 【Get Price】

A pool’s so-called main drain is not actually a drain; that is it is not used to drain the pool. Instead it is an outlet housing a pipe that runs to the pump which sucks water through a skimmer then through a filter then through a heater (if you have one) and then back to the pool via multiple inlets. 【Get Price】

An inground swimming pool's main drain is located in the deep end of the pool. A main drain circulates the pool's water by pulling water off the bottom of the pool and sending it to the filter. During winter months or periods of non-use most pool drains do not need to be plugged but in some cases plugging a main drain is required or recommended. 【Get Price】

Cleaning the swimming pool main drain is important so that it doesn’t become clogged and so that it can continue to perform its job properly. There is also a pressurized clog remover that you can use on the main drain in your swimming pool to unclog any debris from the main drain with a highly pressurized blast of air. 【Get Price】

In a safe pool there are always multiple main drains as well as several skimmer drains so if somebody or something blocks one drain the pumping system will pull water from one of the other drains. This eliminates the suction on the blocked drain. Most swimming pools also have a couple of vacuum ports which are 【Get Price】

Any time you drain a swimming pool any kind of swimming pool the goal should be to have the pool empty for as little time as possible. Drain the pool do the work that needs to be done and fill the pool with water again as soon as possible. 【Get Price】

Swimming pool main drains don't actually drain anything. Rather a swimming pool's main drain if it has one is a suction device. A pump is located underneath or near a swimming pool equipped with a main drain and it's used to pull water down into the drain. Once water is sucked into a swimming pool's main drain it's whisked via piping to the ... 【Get Price】