resin roof sleepers details

When all the pieces were cut Brian began soaking the mat with the mixed resin starting with the tops of the parapet walls. For the larger surfaces he again used a disposable paint roller. For tighter details like inside corners he soaked the resin into the mat with a disposable brush. When completely soaked with resin the mat becomes ... 【Get Price】

Re: Roof deck sleeper attachment You don't want to secure the secure the decking pieces to the deck - keep them loose and small enough to lift for maintenance. Slope the roofing 1/2" per foot and do not then taper the decking sleepers - use 1/x or 2x on flat to moer tna double the surface area bearing on the membrane. 【Get Price】

Lap one ply from each side over top of sleeper (C) and mechanically fasten. (7) Alternate Cap Flashing May be used instead of lapping membrane flashing over sleeper. (8) Metal Base Flashing Mechanically fasten to top of wood blocking standing seam at corners optional on flexible membrane systems. Optional on flexible membrane systems. 【Get Price】

sleepers and the roof. The sleepers aren’t fastened in place and the floor floats. Nail down the decking. Short 2-in. stainless-steel finish nails fasten the mahogany decking between the decking and the post and help With the decking down the rest of the job was the same as any ⁄ 【Get Price】

In 1920 Pullman built 2585D 10-1-2 Sleepers. At the 1948 divesture of Pullman Car Co. 48 remained and were sold to various railroads. The following 1300 series kits are models of theses cars with appropriare decals step treads and trucks. 【Get Price】

Re: Composite Decking Sleepers On Flat Roof I do a fair amount of roof top decks we frame them with fall to the outside so they are never flat or leval. Anyway I give a thumbs down to using composite for the sleepers for all the reasons your thinking of plus the hold down power of pt material composite is total junk for that. 【Get Price】

We glued strips of EPDM to the bottoms of the sleepers made from Seven Trust and used a tongue and groove PVC 2 1/4 porch decking. The sleepers were not fastened to the roof and floated. The deck was trapped in place by the metal railing that penetrated the roof and skirting around the edge . 【Get Price】