movable pool floor in wood doha

A Hydrofloors® movable floors structure comprises stainless steel beams which are calculated precisely to match the pool size requirements to allow for a strong load capacity. A higher load capacity at the surface level (250 kg/m2) is achieved by using locking pins sliding automatically in the pool shell walls. 【Get Price】

The movable floor allows to vary the depth of the pool to be able to adapt it for various activities: competitions diving synchronized swimming rehabilitation exercises swimming lessons water aerobics courses for children sub etc. For each sport it can be defined a specific water depth to allow each operation is conducted safely. 【Get Price】

Hydrofloors are vertically movable floors that mean you’ll literally be able to walk on water. Designed to reclaim the surface area of a swimming pool that is wasted when the pool is not in use ... 【Get Price】

The hidden structure of the movable floor is made of stainless steel struts. None of the structures we have installed to date in any of our customers’ pools show any signs of wear or deterioation. The platform is finished with specially-selected materials such as wood stone tiles or plastic which undergo little or no deterioration over time. 【Get Price】

AKVO SPIRALIFT - MOVABLE POOL FLOOR - Duration: 1:56. Groupe Paco/ Gala Systems/ Paco Spiralift 24495 views. 1:56. Movable floor in swimming pool - Agor Creative Engineering - Duration: 1:28. 【Get Price】

The adjustable floor depth and the versatile function – from pool floor to patio and insulating cover – makes the moveable floor an interesting option for any private pool. With a Desert Grove movable floor pool you can turn your pool into a safe paddling pool for the little ones or into a sports and leisure pool for adults. 【Get Price】

The movable Twinscape Hydrofloor enabled the swimming pool to be transformed into a multi-purpose area giving the client the best of both worlds - when lowered a luxurious pool for full depth swimming and pool games and when raised to deck level a solid secure floor for social gatherings; the closest one can get to walking or dancing on water. 【Get Price】