floor kitchen cabinets first

Floors First Pros. Many people like to put in floors first to avoid having to cut the material around cabinets and appliances. This is the main draw for those who start with floors. What’s more some worry that by installing cabinets first it will be harder to switch them out in the future as you’ll be stuck with the same cabinet ... 【Get Price】

If you’re the type that likes to shake things up you may want to install flooring first. Cabinets and appliances without flooring underneath are much harder to move. If you foresee yourself craving layout change we advise you cover your kitchen in wall-to-wall flooring first. 【Get Price】

Installing Floors Before Cabinets. By installing the floor first there will be no need for using trim moldings against toe kicks unless the floor itself is far out of whack. But...cabinet installers use levels hardwood installers do not. Occasionally after the they are are installed one side of the cabinet may be higher than the other side. 【Get Price】

Q: Can I install new kitchen cabinets on top of a floating floor? It seems like it would be easier to lay the flooring first and not have to cut it to fit against the toekick or to cover up the gap with shoe moldings.—Thomas Bourquin Spring Valley Ohio. Tom Silva replies: It might be easier but it wouldn’t be better. A floating wood ... 【Get Price】

Floor covering or finish flooring is the surface that you see and walk on not the sub-floor and not an underlayment. The floor covering will be cut to size and almost butted against the cabinets. A minimal gap should be left between the flooring and the cabinets. 【Get Price】