installing wide plank hardwood flooring

Solid wide plank wood flooring installation methods can vary from one manufacturer to the next but how it reacts to a gain or loss in moisture is universal. The extent to which a solid plank wood floor changes dimension (shrinks or swells) when it loses or gains moisture is directly proportional to its width. 【Get Price】

The latest consumer trend today is wide plank hardwood flooring…my wife included. Along with the consumer demand is increased installation issues with these wide width products. The chance of cupping with these products is greater than that of a 21⁄4′′ or 31⁄4′′ wide hardwood product. 【Get Price】

entails using adhesive in addition to nails even if you’re installing a solid wide plank floor. When installing solid wide plank floors over a plywood subfloor the best method is to apply adhesive to the floorboards blind nail the length of the boards with a pneumatic nailer and face nail when you reach the end of a board. 【Get Price】

Installing hardwood flooring is a tremendous investment for a house. It can transform your space faster than almost anything else. Think carefully about what you want the space to be and you’ll wind up with the floors of your dreams. If you are considering installing wide plank hardwood flooring visit us at Oak & Broad. 【Get Price】

For wide plank installation many installers will apply waterless urethane adhesive applied in a "snake-like" pattern on the back of each wide plank as it is installed (Fig 5) This will bond the planks directly to the sub-floor and minimize any squeaks or movement in the future as well as limit the risk of cupping or buckling. Large tubes of ... 【Get Price】