building a wood plank walkway

By building wooden walkways or paths through your landscaping you encourage use of the area drawing people along the planks to take in their surroundings in a more personal way. Whether you need to direct guests to a certain area of the yard or create a space for natural exploration a wooden walkway can accomplish your goals beautifully ... 【Get Price】

Wooden walkways are affordable and functional often evoking the spirit of the West. Depending on length you can typically build one in a single afternoon. Almost any kind of lumber will suffice but pressure-treated lumber minimizes issues with rot decay or insects when lumber is in contact with the ground. 【Get Price】

The soil was scooped out to lower the level of the pathway so once the wood was in position the walkway would be level with the attached driveway and lawn. No tripping hazard here! 2. Dry-fit two long support boards along with the wood planks to design what you want. This part of designing your walkway is a little like playing with blocks. 【Get Price】

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1. Determine the points where the walkway starts and ends. Install 12-inch wooden stakes at 4-foot intervals to define one side of the walkway. Drive the stakes partially into the ground with a ... 【Get Price】

Building with wood is far less backbreaking. You’ll have just a few holes to dig and you’ll be hauling wood instead of stone. It’s much cheaper too. The walkway shown topped with cedar decking cost around $400. (With treated wood decking it would have cost less.) 【Get Price】

Similar to the first plank we allowed space for the last plank (which is ungrooved) and cut off one wing on the hidden fastener of the last grooved board. To attach the first and last boards (the ungrooved ones) we set the boards up against the neighboring plank’s hidden fastener (with the wing removed) and then screwed them down through ... 【Get Price】