eco friendly courtyardoor designs

Vast open spaces inside punctuated by thinnais and mithams skylight courtyards red tiled flooring huge cylindrical pillars along the mitthams or courtyards a small hole on either side of the main door to light lamps and high ceiling supported by wooden beams were some of the common characteristics of these eco-friendly homes. 【Get Price】

The fused soil gives a smooth rock design to the walls and allows for a modern eco-friendly feel. While this technique was good enough for the Great Wall of China it is also what is used to build sand castles but don’t worry these homes are made with specialist soil that is specially formulated to withstand lots of weathering. 【Get Price】

The best eco friendly & energy efficient house plans. Find small sustainable net zero passive solar home designs & more! Call 1-800-913-2350 for expert help. 【Get Price】

Gone are the days when eco-friendly decor was a thing only hippies cared about. As we've all become more mindful of our planet a product’s life cycle and our role between the two the design ... 【Get Price】

In some cases the eco-friendly interior design might be cheaper. Also you get to save some precious resources so spending too much for them is out of the question. In the end one more reason to go for such interior design is that it looks good . 【Get Price】

7 eco-friendly decorating ideas for your home Do your bit for the planet and keep these products in mind when you next come to revamp your living space. By Olivia Heath 【Get Price】

With a rise in eco-friendly initiatives across all industries design experts are bringing sustainability into the home. New technological advances and innovations make it easier for designers and ... 【Get Price】