how to remove plastic residue from wood table

Remove Adhesive from Wood that is Finished. When you want to remove stickers from something like a wood table. You do need to take caution because something such as nail polish remover can damage the finish of your furniture. Here is how to remove adhesive from wood that has been finished. Wipe a damp clean cloth across the sticky area. 【Get Price】

If the above methods have not worked to remove the plastic residue try using a commercial goo remover that is safe for wood such as De-Solv-It Krud Kutter or Goo Gone. Filed Under: Cleaning Guides Surfaces Tagged With: melt melted-plastic plastic wood 【Get Price】

I got a new dark wood dining room table. I put an heirloom table runner in the center. To protect the table runner from my cat and grandkids I put a clear plastic table cloth over the runner. When I removed the plastic several months later I found that it had left a residue on the table. I know now that the sun on the plastic caused the problem. 【Get Price】

When melted plastic cools down it will harden and attach to virtually any surface. The more porous that surface is the better the attachment will be. Consequently plastic melted on wood might be hard to remove if your wood furniture is knotty or unfinished. If it is smooth and finished you may be able to scrape the plastic off easily. 【Get Price】