most durable finish for outdoor decks

An epoxy sealer with an exterior varnish topcoat is the most durable outdoor finish and can last for many many years. However the initial application does take longer then exterior varnish. Exterior Oil. An exterior oil finish is definitely the simplest quickest way to treat an outdoor project. 【Get Price】

The specially-formulated non-skid additive works well on most outdoor areas including concrete wooden decks and pavers. Whether it is an old or newly built structure a deck that sees a lot of wet foot traffic will benefit from a coat of In the Swim every few years to keep slips and falls to a minimum. 【Get Price】

Best for Weathered Wood. KILZ Over WPC Smooth Wood/Concrete Coating is a thick solid-color coating designed to floor old weathered wood (or concrete). It features a durable acrylic resin formula recommended for bridging cracks hiding imperfections and concealing splinters. This product creates a smooth slip-resistant finish. 【Get Price】

Normally we don’t think of staining things as something to pay for. However the unassuming nature of a nice glossy stain for your porch patio or boat deck is a good way to preserve the surface while improving user traction and gaining aesthetic points to boot. 【Get Price】