a farmer has 400feet of fence river one side

A farmer with 400 feet of fence wants to enclose a rectangular plot of land bordering on a straight highway. If no fencing is used along the highway write an equation for the area of the field in terms of x (the shorter side of the fenced area). 【Get Price】

Q. A farmer has 2400 ft. of fencing and wants to fence off a rectangular field that borders a straight river. He needs no fence along the river. What are the dimensions of the field that has the largest area? 1. Read the problem- write the knowns unknowns and draw a diagram if applicable Perimeter of fencing = 2400 Area = ? y 【Get Price】

A farmer has 400 feet of fence with which to fence a rectangular plot of land. The plot lies along a river so that only three sides need to be fenced. Estimate the largest area that can be fenced 【Get Price】

A farmer plans to fence a rectangular grazing area along a river with 300 yards of fence. Write an expression for the area A of grazing land in terms of the width w of the rectangle. Also what is the largest area he can enclose?: Since one side is the river the rectangle's fence perimeter will be: L + 2W = 300 L = 300 - 2W: Area = Length * Width 【Get Price】

Giselle E. asked • 03/14/19 A gardener has 440 feet of fencing to fence in a rectangular garden. One side of the garden is bordered by a river and so it does not need any fencing. 【Get Price】