how to seal basement cracks in floor

Your concrete basement floor eventually cracks and lifts due to the pressure of the expanding soil underneath. Action should be taken immediately if you notice concrete in your basement lifting. This scenario calls for you to look for professional basement waterproofing services as you will need to not only fix the current issue but take ... 【Get Price】

DO fill cracks with hydraulic cement. Another area where cracks are commonly found is at the bottom of the basement walls. When a foundation is poured its footing—a wide flat base made from ... 【Get Price】

Scrapes from heavy appliances and furniture cracks from seeping moisture and dirt and grime can lead to problems for your otherwise pristine concrete flooring. Sealing basement floor cracks and applying a sealant to the flooring can save the concrete from further damage. 【Get Price】

Although it may seem daunting repairing cracks in your basement floor is something you can do without going to the expense of hiring a professional. If you find cracks in the concrete of your basement don’t panic. These cracks are part of the natural drying process for concrete. As it dries the concrete begins to shrink. 【Get Price】

Seal perimeter cracks which are caused when the concrete floor shrinks away from the foundation walls. Failure to tie the concrete floor into the foundation wall with steel reinforcement during ... 【Get Price】