plywood foam composite stucco

Composite panels should have the edges treated in a manner similar to plywood. The foam or balsa core should be sealed to prevent moisture from entering. Low-density cores often require thickened epoxy to be applied to the exposed edges to protect them from damage and to provide a good surface for the final finish. 【Get Price】

Proposed wall assembly: 2×4 framing (furred to 2×6 on the inside with polyiso foam and 1x because we didn’t know this siding project was in our future) plywood sheathing 1.5″ polyiso foam boards (taped) with the windows furred out on 2x2s tar paper lathe nailed to studs through foam with spacers stucco. 【Get Price】

Applying Stucco to Plywood Siding. Plywood and stucco are two of the staples of home construction but when used incorrectly they can work against each other. This is especially true in climates ... 【Get Price】

Install stucco as an exterior wall cladding over rigid foam insulation with proper preparation to provide water management as well as a sound substrate for the stucco. Determine the location of the wall’s water control layer (typically behind the insulation over the exterior sheathing). 【Get Price】