stockade fence arount tree

If you prefer not to angle the fence or box around the trees you can choose to allow the trees to interrupt the fence. With this option you’ll have a straight line installation but you may also have gaps between the fencing and the tree trunks. 【Get Price】

Wood pickets and rails can help you match your fence to the slope of your yard. Sizes and Styles Once you’ve chosen the wood you want turn your attention to style. Options range from a simple stockade fence to lattice-top panels that allow light and air in while still providing privacy. Some designs even have eye-catching features like ... 【Get Price】

It's a wooden fence wooden posts. The posts (for the most part) were put in concrete and are fairly secure. The problem comes with not being able to run an unbroken span past the tree since it's directly in the fence line; since the goal of the fence is privacy I'd like to get as close as possible to the tree. – morganpdx Dec 20 '10 at 17:36 【Get Price】

How to Build a Fence and Avoid Roots. Fence-building close to a tree presents challenges. Damage to large roots can result in disease and death. Damage to smaller parts of the tree's root system ... 【Get Price】

Delaware Spite Fence Law. Although landowners have a right to build a fence around their property that right is not without limitations. A fence built for the purpose of harassing a neighbor is commonly referred to as a spite fence. Although there is not a specific spite fence law in Delaware courts recognize the common law principal that ... 【Get Price】