disadvantages of pvc ceiling panels

PVC ceiling panels can be screwed onto wood or steel brandering. When screwing your PVC ceiling panel onto the brandering ensure you use the correct type of screw (TS16 or SSDS16 PVCSA-approved screw). The panels need to lay in the same direction as the main trusses. Ensure proper spacing between the walls when installing the ceilings. 【Get Price】

2. Will These Ceiling Tiles Support Can Lights? Nope but no suspended ceiling panel should ever support recessed lights because none are engineered to do so. That being said Ceilume works great with can lights; just use a standard recessed light bracket (which supports the weight of the tile on the grid) and you're good to go. 【Get Price】

Polyvinyl chloride ceilings or a "PVC ceiling" as it's often called is one of the most common types of ceiling today but it's also very controversial. PVC is a largely manufactured plastic that is a dominant presence in many different materials from toys and tools to construction materials and more. 【Get Price】