put a roof on a mobiles home deck

Build the roof for the porch onto the exterior wall of the mobile home. Attach a 2 x 6 ledger board to the studs on the wall using lag bolts. The ledger board should be about 1 1/2 inches below the roof line of the mobile home. 【Get Price】

Install your rails. Install the roof. Waterproof everything made of wood using a waterproof stain. Enjoy your new mobile home porch! For more valuable additions you can make to your manufactured home refer to our article 3 Single-Wide Mobile Home Additions That Will Blow Your Mind. 【Get Price】

Mobile home patio covers or deck covers can add value to your home and increase comfort and living space at a very reasonable price of around $8 per square foot. Mobile home carports are also smart additions especially if you live in an area with hot summers or snow-filled winters. 【Get Price】

If you own an older mobile home with a flat roof chances are you will need to replace the roof sooner rather than later. In this article we will help you understand self-supported mobile home roof over designs and share examples of how other mobile homeowners are giving their homes a longer lifespan better energy efficiency and a more modern look with a new roof over. 【Get Price】

Gable roof porch design: These are simpler types of porch designs which consist of a deck area outside of the front door and a gable roof which is characterized by a roof with two sloping sides and gable at the end of each side. Flat roof porches: If your mobile home has a flat roof then a flat roof porch would likely be the best option for you. 【Get Price】

Jan 31 2015 - A porch on a mobile home can provide room to expand living areas or entertain guests. By covering the porch with a roof you can use the space on more days of the year. You can build the porch in a simple fashion to provide shade for relaxing or you can expand the design to include dining and cooking space. 【Get Price】

A roof over a mobile home can also help prevent damage from falling tree limbs as well as cut down on the annoying noise of hearing heavy raindrops falling on the roof. Anyone with basic carpentry skills can build a roof over a mobile home. However building the roof will be easier if there are two people working on the roof together. 【Get Price】