how much for decking around pool

In addition most municipalities have codes mandating minimum deck widths for residential in-ground pools. A well-planned and built deck adds aesthetic appeal and safety to your pool area. Outside of minimum width requirements how much deck you put around your in-ground pool is determined by space limitations and your own personal taste. 【Get Price】

On average building a pool deck costs around $5000.Most homeowners pay between $3000 and $12000 for this project.. Where you fall on that range depends on the materials you choose the size of the patio and the difficulty of the terrain. 【Get Price】

Pool coping is between the pool and the decking. Pool decking is much larger. Decking should be large enough to accommodate furniture chairs and maybe even a full BBQ grill. Your pool decking allows you to create a unique look for your entire poolscape. Swimming Pool Decking Materials. Decking allows for a lot of flexibility in design. 【Get Price】

General Pool Deck Size Guidelines and Recommendations. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to a pool patio as much of this will come down to a combination of personal preference pool size and available space .. but there are definitely a few recommendations we can give for designing your swimming pool decking. At Minimum Allow 18" 【Get Price】

Your pool’s particular shape placement in your yard and other factors—discussed below—should also be considered in strategizing how much decking will be best for your outdoor space. Take note that some municipalities have minimum requirements for residential pool decks or how they are laid out around a pool. 【Get Price】