backyard wood fence without painted

Avoid painting your fence on windy days to prevent paint drifting into unwanted areas. Plan to complete the job within a specified time frame including drying times. In addition to maintaining the seal on your wood fence be sure to keep moisture away from the surface by having the wood slightly above grass level keeping grass trimmed and ... 【Get Price】

One option is a solid stain which as mentioned above will give you that traditional “white picket” look without all the maintenance of paint. Or if you really love the look of natural wood and just want to protect your fence there are plenty of semi-transparent options to choose from too. 【Get Price】

Tools You Need to Paint a Wood Fence. 1. Paint Sprayer (I used this one.) 2. Paint or Stain of your choice 3. Extension Cord depending on the size of your project 4. Clear Plastic Sheeting optional. Steps to Paint a Wood Fence. 1. Clean the Fence. This is an obvious first step but I need to explain how much cleaning actually needs to happen. 【Get Price】