plastic or wood cutting board for meat

To clean a plastic cutting board simply throw it in your dishwasher or wash with dish soap and water by hand (you can also use a solution of a tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water to sanitize). To clean a wooden cutting board warm water and soap work best. For more detail follow these handy tips. 【Get Price】

How to sanitize a wood cutting board. Hot water and detergent are essential for washing down work surfaces and utensils then dry with a clean dish towel before storing them. Use hot soapy water to remove the bulk of the detritus. If you use a wooden board for cutting meat scrub it with a stiff bristled brush in hot water with a detergent. 【Get Price】

Chapman recommends using plastic cutting boards for meat and wood cutting boards for fruit vegetables or any ready-to-eat foods (like bread or cheese). Why use plastic cutting boards for meat? Because of how you wash them. Cleaning Your Cutting Board. Plastic and wood have different characteristics so you have to handle them differently. 【Get Price】

Originally published in the Feb. 6 1993 edition of Science News a fascinating article on cutting boards describes research claiming that wooden cutting boards possess some sort of bacteria-killing properties thus making them less likely to contaminate food than plastic or acrylic cutting boards. "Pathogens prefer plastic" the article declares. 【Get Price】