building a wood lattice fence italy

After building a fence staining or treating the wood can be the first step in proper maintenance that can extend its life. When the fence is in place apply paint stain or a weather-proofing finish according to manufacturer’s instructions. Apply wood preservative around the base posts to prevent the wood from rotting. 【Get Price】

Cost – Lattice fence is a very affordable option when compared to other kinds of wooden fences. Other kinds of fences can cost up to twice as much as a simple lattice fence. Versatility – There are countless uses for a bit of wooden lattice. From waist high garden walls to 6 foot perimeter fences the wooden lattice fits almost anywhere. 【Get Price】

I think 10 years for a wooden fence is pretty good. Any wooden structure that’s outdoors is going to need maintaining. If you break the lattice you can replace the frame. Meaning you remove the old frame and insert the new one. Replacing the lattice in the structure that we built shouldn’t be a huge issue. 【Get Price】

A vinyl lattice fence provides just the right amount of privacy and is easier to build than a standard picket fence. These types of fences last longer than wooden lattice fences because they're made out of poly vinyl chloride (PVC). The panels are sold as prefabricated vinyl panels cutting out the time-consuming step of cutting pickets. 【Get Price】

To match the window pane lattice fence I challenged my fence contractor to build matching lattice gates at the end of the driveway. I wanted the opening to be wide enough to drive a car through (should they want to park in the back of the house or get a delivery of mulch or other landscaping materials.) 【Get Price】

You can find wood vinyl concrete and iron as some popular materials which are used to build a fence. Then the designs of fence are also varied like picket panel lattice etc. Lattice fence is a good option when you want to have a fence mainly for decorating purpose. 【Get Price】